Thursday, October 30, 2008

FO: Phases of the Moon Sleeping Cap

My husband asked for a sleeping cap about a year ago and I've finally finished it. We worked together to create the chart and after a few starts it came together. Unfortunately my stranded knitting sucks over long areas of one color so the background color shows through. He says he likes it, I think he's just happy to have a soft hat. It was tested out last night and it stayed on throughout the night. Phew glad to have that monkey off my back! The yarn he chose was Filatura di Crossa Zarina, it is a washable wool that is wonderfully soft. I love knitting with this yarn and the Zara, both hold up well and are soft against the skin. It did grow after I washed it but a tumble in the drier shrunk it back nicely. Needles were Addi US3 16".

I'm hoping the full moon evens out with some wear, boy did I make that section loose.

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