Sunday, October 19, 2008

FOs and Frogs

To make up for the fact that we weren't going to Rhinebeck this weekend we decided to take a trip to the beach to enjoy the great weather. Penny loves running in the sand. Unlike our trip to the farmer's market she was very good. We kept her off the leash and she only strayed when someone started to reach out and pet her. That dog amazes me sometimes.

I took that opportunity to have a little photo shoot of my new fingerless gloves

Pattern: (Ravelry down, I'll edit later- based on Hello Yarn Socks)
Yarn: Jewel in Indian Corn from Mocha's Fiber Connection
Needles: Inox US 2 40"

I love them, perfect fall gloves. I cast on 49 stitches carried the twist over 6 stitches and had 1 purl stitch between the twists. I only wish I had done more than 4 pattern repeats before starting the thumb gusset.

I must knit more for my husband since he really enjoyed posing for me.

These are a simple 3 x 1 garter rib stitch sock. They are magic loop, toe up with a slipped stitch heel. The yarn is Valley Yarns Huntington in Charcoal. I really like the yarn and will be getting more soon. Now that the weather is cold I'm loving my hand knit socks and want more.

Now on the disappointment. I had settled on a pattern for my new yarn but I need to start over, my tension is horrible and the white yarn is too thin, you can see the red yarn through it. Sigh, now I have to knit the same thing three times. At least this gives me an opportunity to fix all the little things I didn't like about these arm warmers.


kim said...

I love those socks! I find that the simpler the socks, the more I like them. Your mitts are great too. Don't worry about the other ones; for everything I don't like, I figure I have learned something along the way.

SneakySister said...

I like Andy's pose. Very charismatic feet :)