Saturday, October 11, 2008

Positive rogress

After starting and ripping several patterns I've finally decided on one I like.

Unfortunately I don't have any US1 circs long enough for my beloved magic loop so it's DPNS for me. It makes me appreciate magic loop even more. My sister got me a gift certificate to WEBS for my birthday so when we go up around Thanksgiving I'm going to invest in more 40" circulars. If I can hold out that long.

I don't think I've mentioned the scarf I started awhile back. This was originally a lace ribbon scarf but I didn't like how it was coming out. I really love the simplicity of this pattern and the cool affect changing needle size has. I'm not crazy about scarf knitting but picking this up when I need something mindless should get it done for the winter. That and I really need a scarf. This yarn is Bristol Yarn Gallery Buckingham and is so soft, I love it. I don't know why this picture is upside down but I'm not in the mood to try and fix it.

My Printed Silk Cardigan is also growing slowly, I have the back and just about one front done. This is what I really want to work on and wear, it just keeps getting pushed aside for other projects I want to wear sooner. I really enjoy seeing the twisted stitch pattern emerge.


Kathy said...

If you need the 40" circs before Thanksgiving, you can use the GC on-line as well! Just put the number in the "special instructions" block and we'll process the transaction. If you have any problems/questions, just give Customer Service a call and they'll help you out!



kim said...

I really like the scarf - both the color and the pattern! The mitts look great too. And that sweater is going to be beautiful.