Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WIP round-up

I'm a bit all over the place lately and my seriously slow computer isn't helping my blogging at all. I finished the button up shrug the day we left on vacation but still haven't gotten around to photographing it. Next time I swear. So let's look at the mess I've gotten myself into now.
First up the back and about half a front of the cotton bamboo girl tank. I love this yarn and I've been making good progress. I really want to finish it but when you are dividing your time not much gets done. Please mind my ghetto blocking station of garbage bags on the spare bed. Some day I'll get a real blocking board.

Next up we have some secret deadline knitting for my sister's birthday at the end of the month. The yarn is Mission Falls 1824 cotton in a great rusty orange I got when Yarns at Lace Wings closed. I love the color and I actually like the way this is knitting up but man is this yarn brutal on my hands. I'm getting as much as I can done a night but it's a good excuse to switch off when I start to feel hand fatigue.

In the car ride up to Maine I cast on for the Lace Ribbon Scarf but I stopped after 12 rows. It was easier to pick up my Leyburn socks during downtimes so this is stalled. I wish I had learned magic loop before I started those darn socks, I swear they'd be done by now rather than languishing in UFO land. I need to frog the first one back because the leg is huge so we'll see what happens there. Add to that the magic loop socks which you saw last time, arabesque which is totally failing the one hexagon a week goal, most of the back of my printed silk cardigan, and swatching. I'm hoping to reign myself in. I want to start socks for my husband and the banded peasant blouse for which I got gauge with the Merlin and then today I bought this. Now I don't usually go crazy and buy a pattern as soon as I see it during lunch at work but this was so so pretty. As of right now I am going to make it in white Louet Merlin I had earmarked for the dollar and a half cardigan but after swatching I'm not sure it will be a good sub for that. It'll be pretty plain but at least I can wear it with a bunch of stuff and the Handmaiden called for is just to spendy for me. We'll see. Hopefully I can make myself finish something before I cast on. It doesn't help that the pattern is printing right now.... I need help.

Oh, and the sugar plum yarn I won. It's so pretty, I'm thinking a scarf some day.

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