Monday, July 28, 2008

Pick up 711 stitches

That's how many stitches I have picked up in the last week. 355 to finish the cotton bamboo tank (now finally dry so photo shoot will come shortly).

196 for my sisters gift soon to be done. 160 stitches from the cast on edge to make the folded hem on my newly started Banded Peasant Blouse. I don't know why I didn't just do a provisional cast on so I didn't have to worry about picking up stitches. My hands hate me for blindly following the pattern. If you make this save your hands and do the provisional cast on. I'm really liking the Louet Merlin and the eggplant color for the band is so much nicer in real life, I'll get a better picture once I am further along.

I started Guinevere but totally wasn't following the chart so I had to rip it out. I am thinking of using that as an unofficial Ravelympics project but I'm not sure I can finish it in 17 days and I'm still not sure I want it in white. I know I have the yarn and should use it but I don't know. Anyway I am glad to be past the difficult parts of my projects and have some nice, albeit long easy rounds to work on.

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kim said...

Well, it looks like it will be worth the work when you're done. Your knitting looks so neat and tidy, but I hate the picking up as well. It's right up there with seaming...