Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Yarn

I meant to get to this earlier but a raging case of poison ivy that requires steroids has had me sidetracked a bit. I decided to take a sick day from work today to adjust and I think by tomorrow I'll feel pretty good. Anyway, on to the yarn.

In Portland, Maine (which is a great city by the way) I stopped into two yarn shops. The first was Central Yarn Shop where I got some Lane Cervinia Forever for my first Magic loop toe up 2 at a time socks. I worked on these while visiting my inlaws for the fourth and I love it. I wish I had learned how to make socks this way first as I'm sure I would enjoy it more. They are moving along so quickly and once I am done, I am done. Love it. I am past the slip stitch heel. This was nice shop. The 86 year old man whose daughter now runs the business shared some nice stories with us so I had to leave with something.

Next we stopped at Knitwit Cafe a really nicely laid out shop where I got some Louet euroflax for a summery scarf, I think a wavy razor shell scarf maybe.

And last week I went a bit crazy at WEBS. Man that place is dangerous. I went a little crazy with the Louet Merlin but come on, it was like 50% off. I meant to only get it for the Banded Peasant Blouse from the spring 2008 IK but I also ended up getting some white for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan found in the IK magazine I also picked up. I also got some Frog Tree Alpaca sport for the White Witch Mitts and some Valley Yarns Huntington in Charcoal to make socks for my husband. I made him some before I knew what I was doing and they stretched out too much. Now that I know magic loop I can make him some custom fit socks, he's really supportive of my hobby and didn't mind going to all these yarn shops on vacation so I was to reward him for that. That and I still haven't cast on for that sleeping cap he's been wanting.

I also won a yarn naming contest! Sweet Paprika now has a yarn named sugar plum. Of the three people who suggested that I was the random winner so they sent me a skein which I forgot to photograph. You can see it in the link above but I'll show it next time along with all my WIPS, and as I am also suffering from cast-onitis there are many. Off to slather some calamine lotion on.

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