Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now Back to the Knitting

I've been trying to write this post for a week or so but between computer issues and life in general I just didn't have the energy. I'm finishing up a lace piece that I will show you next week but in the mean time I've been stealing some time to knit on my Leyburn socks. The first is just past the heel.

I had some unusually strong willpower and was able to resist the WEBS sale in April and I was delighted to see that pay off with Berroco Comfort going on sale in May. I bought a bunch for arabesque so the sale really helped. They didn't have the colors I suggested in the pattern so I had to make some substitutions. I love the colors but I don't think I will use the darkest purple. I may use the green even though that will give me one more color than called for. I can't wait to start making hexagons, hopefully tomorrow.

My willpower was short lived and I also got some Ella Rae Silkience that I am going to use for the Printed Silk Cardigan from the Spring Interweave Knits. Thankfully I found a copy while I was out this weekend before the new issue comes out. I find it helpful when others give numbers when describing yarn substitutions so I'll do my best to pass on mine. I did some swatching and with US4 I get about 6.35sts/inch in pattern and about 5.75 sts/inch in stocking stitch. I thought I had a 36 inch bust but with help measuring properly I find I'm about 37-37.5 so following the directions for the smallest size I should get a sweater that comes out to about 37 inches. I've looks at the galleries for this and searched Ravelry and I think that this sweater looks great with either positive or negative ease so I feel pretty good about this. I'll get a thicker sweater but I don't mind and this yarn is too nice not to knit right away. I've only knit a few inches on this sweater but I really like it so far, this yarn is so soft and the color is the most gorgeous light teal, the picture does it no justice. I can't wait to work with it more.

Next week I'll be starting a beaded Swallowtail Shawl to wear to a wedding this summer, what great timing for the pattern to go free!

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