Sunday, March 2, 2008

A somewhat Wicked distraction

I should be finished my Textured Tunic but after deciding the first sleeve was too tight and ripping it out I needed to put it aside for a few days. That sleeve and most of the second are done and it will hopefully be completed very soon. In the mean time I needed a distraction.

I debated posting on this for awhile as it may be a touchy topic. I saw a few posts of Wicked's on the Internet and I really thought it would be cool to have a short sleeve top down raglan with baby cables to wear as a vest. So I took my Back to School vest out of its punishment bag and began to rip it out until I got to a point where I could just knit from the old garment into the new one. Maybe this is wrong but I am tired of winding yarn, I wound 875 yards of Alpaca with a Twist Fino for my Mom's Mother's Day gift and that about drove me batty. Now after working on the Textured Tunic I have a good idea of how top down raglans work and I used baby cables in my neckwarner a while back so I did not purchase this pattern. I feel a bit guilty for taking this idea but honestly I don't know or care if mine comes out like the original. I just want a simple sweater with baby cable ribbing at the yoke, sleeves and bottom. I'm not even sure the pattern calls for this ribbing everywhere. If some day I want to make the pocket I will buy the pattern but for now I would just rather use the picture as inspiration and go my own way. That being said since it will be close to a published pattern I won't list any technical details. I don't want to give people a way to get out of buying this pattern. I didn't even check my gauge with a swatch, just cast on what I thought might work and went to town. I'm almost ready to split the sleeves and body. I love this color Cascade 220 and I'm glad it will see the light of day.

Since the end of the Tunic is near I went to Woolworks to get some black yarn for a Buttony sweater. It is worsted instead of bulky so I'll have to do my own math but I think the results will be worth it and it is good to keep the brain working. Hope I have some nice FO's to show of soon.

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