Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Upside of Monogomy

Probably the nicest thing about devoting your attention to one project is that even if you have to rip the sweater twice even though you did the math and it should have worked, you still make progress pretty quickly. The body of the Textured Tunic is done after several modifications. I'm not too frustrated with it because this sweater is teaching me how to custom fit my garments. Not exactly what I had in mind when picking this as my next project but a good learning experience. I hope to finish this up this week if I don't have to modify the sleeves. I have it in my mind that I can finish two more sweaters before it gets too warm out, I think I just want an excuse to buy yarn to make a black Buttony sweater. Tilted Duster is a definite but we'll see if I can squeeze one more in before I dive into my new summer yarns :)

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