Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I thought I'd share a quick round-up of what I have going on.

First up is my Back to Wicked vest, from Back to School vest to this nearly completed Wickedish top. I have one cuff left before I knit to my desired length.

Next up we have Buttony. Buttony and I have not been getting along. I was up to splitting for the armholes when I realized I hadn't placed the markers right. Stupid girl. I really can't believe I didn't notice, I deserved that complete frogging.

I swatched for the Tilted Duster from the Fall 2007 IK and got gauge with US9. Once I have a FO I will cast on for that, I can't wait!

I was lucky enough to get promoted at work even though the company had a terrible year. So I allowed myself to celebrate with these two skeins of Canopy from the Fibre Company. They arrived today from WEBS and will become the Summer Shawlette, free in IK's website. I had been wanting a soft summer wrap and seeing that pattern on Ravelry sealed the deal. I was going to splurge on some cashmere but I was hesitant about the price and I fell in love with this color. It's so pretty I may just have to play with it tonight :) 50% Baby alpaca, 20% Merino, 20% Bamboo in the rosehip colorway.

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