Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I guess I am a slutty knitter. Something new and pretty walks into my life and I just have to get a piece of it. Not only did I cast on for the Back to School vest from Fitted knits which was slightly planned, but I also came across the Gemma Beret pattern in one of the discussions on Ravelry. I don't know what came over me but at that moment I had to have that beret. It's just so cute! So last night the Valley Yarns Sugarloaf I had earmarked for a moss stitch beret started being worked into the Gemma Beret. I love the color of this yarn and the feel is really nice I just don't know if I like the way it is working in this pattern. I'm going to keep knitting it a bit longer and then reassess. I really wanted to use this yarn so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Tomorrow I am going to try to take a knitting day off to rest my hands and soak up the new episode of Lost. So excited! The pictures do a good job of representing the blue color but not the rusty orange, it is so much lovelier in person.

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