Sunday, January 27, 2008

FO: Endpaper Mitts

A week to knit and here they are:

Pattern: Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang
Needles: Inox US0 and Susan Bates US2
Yarn: Rowan 4ply Soft (Blue) and Mondial Extrafine (Brown)
These were pretty quick to knit and the pattern was easy enough to follow while watching TV. I really enjoyed not having to worry about catching any floats. It is definitely worth it to do the Italian tubular cast on, the mitt I used this for fits better. My hand measured exactly 7" but I didn't have the correct DPNs for that size and I wanted them to be snug so I threw caution to the wind and went with the small size. They fit well although they are a bit long. When I knit I wear them folded back so they don't catch the yarn. This is a pattern I will very likely be making again. I had a hard time picking colors at Webs and even though they look good I don't think there is enough contrast to the colors. I really wanted a nice marroon but I didn't see one I liked. I think the store overwhelmed me that day and I just lost focus. They serve their purpose and have already seen some wear, I have to take them off long enough to block then and I think my stitches will even out nicely. I loved the Rowan yarn, so nice and tightly spun. The Mondial I think may pill and was a bit splittier. I don't think I'll be doing any more color work for awhile, I'm really not a fan of knitting English style. I can do it but it feels very unnatural for me. For my first official FO of the new year I am pleased with these.
The first yarn store I ever went into was The Knitting Knook in Coventry, CT. It was a great experience and I liked the store a lot. It's small but well stocked and the owner has always been very nice to me. I've since moved further away and haven't been to the store in about a year. I recently found out she now carries Cascade 220 (which I could never find out here) and since we were out running errands that way my husband and I had to stop in. I picked up three skeins of cascade 220 in a heathered Sapphire color for the Back to School vest from Fitted Knits. The picture is a pretty good representation of the color, it is perhaps a bit more vibrant in person. I hope to swatch and cast on this evening while my husband is making his first batch of homemade beer. We both satisfied our hobbies this weekend :) Next weekend Woolworks in Putnam, CT is having a Super Bowl sale so I may use that as an excuse to pick up another sweater's worth of yarn and some lace weight to start a shawl for Mother's Day. If I start now I should be able to finish in time with no stress, we'll see how that goes.

With my new comfy mitts on I finished up the last sleeve to my Tangled Yoke and joined both to the body while lounging on the couch and watching movies this morning. I love a Sunday with no chores, so relaxing before heading back to work on Monday. I'm excited to be nearing the cable on this, even more excited to be done with DPNs for awhile.

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