Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lots to catch up on

I have quite a bit to report on today to make up for the lack of posting this past week. It's hard now with the time change to get any decent pictures so my weekends are going to be the only days I'll have to work with. For today since I have time and an FO to show you get some crappy pics.

First my finished neckwarmer. I love it. Very warm with less bulk than a sweater. This took me to evenings to knit and another day to block. I ended up using some scrap Ultra Alpaca to sew the button on since it matched my coat and I like the added color. I love how my temporary placement of the button with scrap yarn turned into a permanant addition. Notice my lovely fetchings in the photos :)

I highly reccomend making one of these.

Yarn: Classic Elite Dushess 0.66 skeins
Needles: Denise US11

I've also been making progress on my Dad's hat based on the coronet patter. This bothers my hands so I don't work on it too much at a time but I think I'll finish by Christmas and I hope he and I both like it.

I am also in the home stretch with the Minimalist Cardigan.

Knitting both sleeves at once is great for making sure both are the same lenght but takes a long time to see progress. I'm going to start the cap shaping and hopefully finish tonight which is good because this came tuesday from Webs

Screw it. Blogger sucks and won't let me add pictures now. I'll re-edit this post tomorrow, I want to do some actual knitting.

Stupid computers

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