Sunday, October 2, 2016

Port Trousers

It's rare I grab a pattern the instant it's released but I saw the Port Trouser pattern come out, realized I really needed a pair of pants that fit before the weather got too cool, and knew I had fabric in my stash from years go that would be perfect. So I downloaded and printed the pdf right away and set to cutting.

This was my first Pauline Alice pattern and I have nothing but good things to say. I had no head scratching moments and the fit was pretty good right out of the envelope so to speak. I didn't shorten the pattern, I'm 5'4 and the length is perfect when I want to wear them uncuffed. For my next pairs, because there will be more, I might shorted the pairs I always intend to wear cuffed for a little more ankle action.

I did make a few changes to ensure I had a wearable garment on the first try. I added a seam to the center back waist band. I really like doing this, I had actually just made a pair of Thurlow trousers (post to come soon I hope) and this method of construction allows for basting the pants together and getting just the right fit. I covered the seam with a belt loop so it's not noticeable at all. I'll probably do this all the time I make this pattern, it will also make the pants easier to alter as my weight fluctuates. The last minor change I made was to switch which site the button was on, just a matter of personal preference.

The lining fabric is a quilting cotton I got from the remnant bin in Joann. I don't remember the name but the selvage tells me it was made in the USA. The outer fabric I have had for so many years I can't even remember when I bought it. I know I purchased it from Denver Fabrics intending for it to be a shirt dress but it was way too stiff. So it sat waiting for the perfect pattern to come around. I think it works really well for these pants. I made them a few weeks ago and I wear them at least a couple of times a week. I love the style and the slightly relaxed fit. When I first sewed them up and snapped these pictures they were a bit snug and I was pretty worried. But I really needed pants so I wore them and after a short while they relaxed just enough to be really comfortable. A good thing to be aware of, it's true you really need to wear a garment for a while to get an accurate idea of the fit. I had to scoop the back seam a little which seems to be a normal adjustment for me, but that I fixed when baste fitting.

I highly recommend this pattern. They come together quicky and I think they are pretty stylish. I've gotten a few compliments already. I can't wait to add a navy pair and maybe a white pair next summer.

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