Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Burda Bat Sleeve Dress 05/2016 #115B

I don't know what it is about this dress. It's basically just a sack but I love it. The moment I saw it in my email I wanted to make it so I used an upcoming wedding in sunny California as an excuse to make it. Knit dresses travel the best right?

This was my first Burda pattern and the slim instructions are no joke. Thankfully for this pattern there is just a front, back, and a neckband so you really can't go wrong. I used a a polyester knit from Joann that is slinky and drapes a lot. I think that is the key to this pattern, there isn't much shape so fabric with drape keeps it slim. That and a good belt. I actually didn't mind how this looked unbelted but I do prefer the cinched in look. My husband likes this one a lot but does prefer the belt.

The neckline is a bit large but you know, the dress stayed in place all day. I did serge some stay tape into the neckline when I attached the neckband. Next time I might raise it and the armholes a little bit. They are a little wide and low but if you have a beige undergarments and aren't swinging you arms above your head I doubt anyone would notice.

Overall this is a win and I'm sure it will get lots of wear. It's super comfortable, doesn't wrinkle, and I love the drapy arms. I want to make the shirt version as well.

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