Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Simplicity 8229

I picked up Simplicity 8229 during a Joann sale thinking I'd give bra making one more shot. This looked like a simple pattern that would be easier to fit than the Marlborough. I was pretty sure of my size but this time I learned from my mistakes and cut a test cup from some muslin. I then very scientifically held it up to myself and pinched out a small wedge at the top of the cup, tapering down to nothing at the apex. The fit is spot on now, maybe the band is a touch tight but I have been wearing this a lot and it's not really bothering me. I suspect it will stretch out a bit over time too.

I used an underwire bra kit from Tailor Made Shop. The lace is so pretty, even prettier in person. I have been really happy with these kits. The bow is a random bit of black ribbon. I thought it would be too big but I actually think it works. the underwires are from Blackbird fabrics. Yeah I had some black thread in my bobbin when I sewed the hook and eyes on, oops. I was not ripping that out.

The only thing I did different from the instructions is sew everything with concealed seams. There is a video that accompanies this pattern that shows you how to do that. But I do wish it had just been in the instructions, same with the Marlborough. Before I started reading sewing blogs stuff like this wouldn't have occurred to me on my first go. I also heavily glue basted this thing before stitching which is probably another reason it was so much easier than my first go round with bras. I have learned a lot this year about which supplies make a huge difference in frustration.

I don't have too much to say about this one, I think it's a terrific pattern and my next one will be a foam version. I think this will become my TNT pattern and I probably will just keep making it over and over again. It fits so much better than anything I can buy at the store.

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Emily said...

Great bra! That lace looks really pretty! I'm glad to see you made this one up...it's on my list of ones to try the next time that I need a bra!