Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ginger Jeans!

What is it about jeans that makes you want to scream out loud "I made jeans!!!" Maybe it's just me. This is the Ginger jeans pattern from Closet Case Files that I made towards the beginning of the summer (May 31st we took the pictures, yikes). The fabric is a stretch denim I purchased in person at my local Joann Fabrics that I had originally intended for a skirt. It has small white flowers printed on it. They also had some with little white hearts. It was a tough call but the flowers won out. I have a pair of polka dot denim skinny jeans from Gap that I adore and I really wanted to try this pattern so I switched things up and am so glad I did.

I made the high waist skinny version in a size 8 since I have a 37-38 inch hip area. I followed the sewalong which was so helpful. The pictures and tips were a great way to enter the jean making world, and supplemented the written instructions very well. I followed Heather's advice and basted everything together. I'm really glad I did, I had to take out about a 1.25" wedge from the back yoke tapering down to 0 where the pant legs meet. I didn't take the wedge out of the waistband, I was able to sew it on and cut off the excess. This may not be the right way to do things but it worked for me for this pair which is really a wearable muslin. Next time I will make adjustments to the pattern pieces. I shortened the legs by 3 or so inches and next time I will do that before cutting as well. The fit is really good, maybe ever so slightly tight in the calves but they are not uncomfortable. I did not interface the waistband.

I used white topstitching thread but normal thread in the bobbin. My rivets, buttons and thread also came from Joann. Hammering those rivets in was really fun. My husband at one point saw the hammer in my sewing room and was pretty curious as to what I was doing. I love it when I can mix tools and crafts.

Oh this makes me feel weird but here it is, a back view.

These are not a quick project for me but I had a lot of fun making them and I have plans to make more. I'm not really one for high waists so I will make the stovepipe lower rise version next. I already have the denim purchased, I just need to tear myself away from summery projects to begin them. It's hard, there is so much I want to sew before the warm weather vanishes. I can't say enough good things about this pattern and the instructions. I doubt I'll ever buy a pair of jeans again. I have the Carolyn pajamas on my must sew list as well and I can not wait to get around to those. Penciled in for winter sewing :)

I finished up a couple of other projects this weekend which I hope to get posted soon.

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