Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Victory is mine!...almost

My mom's gift was finished on Sunday night and is all blocked. Unfortunately I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll give more details later but here is a teaser. More pics on ravelry.

My Dad's gift is almost done but I ran out of yarn of course. I'll be making a stop tomorrow to get some more. On the bright side this means I can knit for myself today :) I'm thinking it will be on a trinity stitch hat. It is ridiculously cold out and my current store bought hat doesn't do anything nice to my appearance. Perhaps I'll even get some knitting done on my drops jacket, I really want to finish that and wear it.

Finishing these gifts feels so good. I'm relieved to have all my holiday knitting done before Christmas this year, unlike when my sister got un-assembled parts of a sweater...let's not talk about that. If I get around to it I may make some mug cozies but thankfully there is no pressure on those. I hope next year to have better projects to give, I'm a little unsure of how these will be received. I know my family will appreciate them I just hope they like the styles I picked. Well, I hope all of your knitting is going well, mine may be all but done but that doesn't mean my shopping is...

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