Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What is Penny staring at you ask? My Dad's coronet hat that I am not going to give him. This thing came out huge and just doesn't really look good at all. Wrong yarn. I've already started another hat for him but I don't know about that one either. Ugh, we'll see. In other Christmas knitting my Mom's gift is almost done which is really great and being so close is actually motivating me to finish it. I'm hoping for tomorrow.

I haven't done much else, I finished the left front of my Drops jacket awhile ago and did a three needle bind off at the shoulder. I did this for my minimalist cardigan and I really like how neat the seam looks. I really like this project and I can't wait to get back to it. I doubt I'll make the Christmas deadline I had hoped for but it shouldn't take too much longer after that. I'm still a little worried about it being too loosely knit but we'll have to see.

Have you seen these trinity stitch hats appearing online? I love them and I desperately want to make one. Add to that my mom suggested I'd look good in a beret type hat and that I really needed a new one and the temptation in almost unbearable. Once I finish my gifts I will allow myself to pick up some yarn. I can't wait.

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