Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thoughts on my new needles

I have to say overall I am very pleased with my Denise set. The cords are thick and the do keep a kink when taken out of the pack but it didn't interfere with my knitting at all. Today was quite warn and we had a lot of sun coming in through our living room window. My needles were sitting on the coffee table and when I picked up my knitting the warmth of the sun had softened them up and removed the kink. So I don't count that as a down side. I was concerned the plasticy feel might be a turn off but the needles are slick and actually feel quite nice, much less harsh feeling than metal needles. I've also not experience any snagging at the joints with any of the yarns I've tried out. I'm sure the knitpicks set is great but being able to use these needles to make hats and having more length options make this a great fit for my needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The donation to fight breast cancer is also terrific.

While dealing with the lady bug infestation (we caught 30 Friday night alone, no joke), and having family over today I did manage some knitting but no pictures yet. My hands were getting a bit tired so I decided to hop on the Internet and give them a rest, I'm flying through the minimalist cardigan. I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.

I leave you with shots of Penny's favorite part of the weekend, our Saturday trip to the beach. I love the off season, no crowds and dogs are allowed.

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