Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finished Piece

I managed to finish up the back of my minimalist cardigan. I'm trying a three needle bind off for the shoulders so hopefully it works out right. One piece took about 2 weeks which isn't too bad. Penny seems to like this one.I like knitting this, very good for TV knitting. Since I didn't get an interchangeable needle set for my Birthday I used some amazon credit to order a Denise set. I'm really hoping I like it so I can save my Bday money for bills and put off getting the knitpicks options set. Hopefully it will arrive this week. I think I am going to knit exclusively off circulars, it's easier on my hands as sweaters can get pretty heavy. I tend to knit on the couch and the long straights aren't great for that. I'm off to enjoy the rest of this fabulous fall weekend.

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