Monday, October 1, 2007

I've been really bad...

My latest acquisitions from the Fabric Place store closing sale. To be fair they are for gifts and were 25% off. Stuff is pretty picked over there, all but the giant size addis are gone so I think this may have been my last stop there. Perhaps in a few weeks I may see if stuff is 50% off but I doubt there will be anything left. I have 4 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (love that stuff) and two black Berroco pure merino. The red is beautifully deeper than this picture and will be for the Minimalist Cardigan from the fall interweave knits. If it is done in time and I can bear to part with it the sweater will be a Christmas gift.
I had bought one skein of the black merino in a previous visit and thought it would make lovely fetchings. I was right but check out what happened when I weighed the yarn to see if I had enough for the second glove.

That's 27 grams without the thumb. I decided to soldier on and have an excuse to go back to the Fabric Place and get more. This is how far I am so far. I should finish tonight.

Just the top cable and thumbs to go. Good thing I went back today, I bought the last two skeins of black. The extra will go towards a hat I hope to design. Should be neat if it works. I just now realized I may not have enough ultra alpaca. Damn! I'm always one skein short. We'll see how it goes, I can always shorten the sleeves a bit. I wonder how much others have left over. I'll have to check the blogs and my gauge, maybe the knitting gods will smile down on me this once.

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