Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been bad lately

First the yarn, then the needles, then shopping with my sister, then this followed me home from Stop and Shop on Sunday:

To be fair this is sold out online and in the yarn shops I've visited lately so I got a bit nervous and made a deal with myself that if S+S had it I would get it. They did :-) it made my day. That's what happens when I grocery shop alone, I wander into aisles usually passed over. I desperately want to make the tilted duster on the cover, I can't tell you how many times I've almost bought yarn for it. Almost stopped on the way home, even now I want to place a knitpicks order. But I'm being good. I need to do some more knitting for others and wait to see what I get for my birthday in a week or so. It's so cool though. There are a bunch of things in this issue I want to make like the tangled yoke cardigan and the minimalist cardigan. I want to try the snowflake socks too and get my fair isle on. If I thought I could finish in time I'd make these all Christmas gifts but who am I kidding? Two sweaters and a bunch of other knits? No way. I have to admit the motivation for gift knitting is dwindling. Some I feel will really appreciate the gifts but others I'm not so sure about. It's hard, I want to make everyone gifts but part of me doesn't want to waste time on something that will never be worn. Is that awful of me?

Anyway, I have been knitting and the pink/purple yarn I bought last week has become a gift :-)
I'm not entirely sure who will get it yet so I'm not posting a picture but I'm pleased with it. The Berroco pure merino is really nice stuff. The black I think will become a pair of fetching gloves if I have enough. If they aren't gifted I've been wanting a pair of black fetchings for myself. I made a pink pair over the winter and I love the pattern. I need to find time to make some fingerless gloves for hubby before the winter chill sets in. So many projects so little time.

I've also started this gift, a bag in modea cache

I'm making it up as I go but so far it has a seed stitch bottom and stockinette sided. I'm thinking a seed stitch band around the top and a zipper close but we'll see. I'm using US9 20 something inch needles and it's really tight. If I get the needle set I want for my Bday I'll make the length shorter and hopefully it'll be easier on my hands. I got the yarn for $1 a skein at ocean state job lot over the winter. I knew it would be a future gift but it took a while before I got an idea and got started.

I'm working with the Lane Borgosesia on my new addis and I must say I love them! Best. Needles. Ever. No kinks, sharp tips, and smooth enough that the lace slips nicely off them. The swearing has stopped and I'm making good progress on that item. If only every needle was an addi...

Last but certainly not least is my Print O'the Wave stole.

I'm at the tenth repeat of the pattern. I'm going to make it in one piece to avoid the grafting line so that's about 24 repeats to go. I love knitting this but I only get to it in small doses once I've done enough gift knitting a knight that I don't feel guilty switching. Just think how slow this would go if I started that duster...

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