Wednesday, September 5, 2007

FO Campanula

Here she is!

Yarn: Plymouth Royal Bamboo, 100% Bamboo 11 skeins
(should have bought 12)
Needles: Plymouth Bamboo US4, Inox circulars US2 40", Susan Bates US4 DPN
Pattern: Campanula from Knitter's Magazine Spring 2007

I love this pattern. It was so fun to knit I worked on it exclusively. I do not however, love the yarn. In fact I will never buy it again. Not because it isn't wonderfully soft and has a nice shine but because of the 11 balls I purchased more than half were composed of several pieces tied together. One ball was four separate pieces, the last being less than 1 yard long! How am I supposed to make it through a row with such a small piece? It also unravels very easily. It's very unfortunate because the colors of this yarn are beautiful, the feel is very nice, and I was so excited to try knitting with bamboo. Not worth the hassle though. I am a few yards short but am not buying more yarn, I think the crocheted tie in the front will work ok, it fits through the eyelets better and is less bulky, I didn't lace myself up too well for these photos but it'll work, trust me :-) Many thanks to my A-man for taking the pics. He knows how to score points.

The pattern was very well written and didn't contain any errors I'm aware of. It would be a great project for someone interested in doing lacework who would like to start with a more substantial yarn or just someone interested in a change from stockinette or cables. It took me about 2 months to knit, mostly evenings after dinner so if you have more time it might move faster. This was also the first garment made for myself and the first I spent time blocking correctly. It really really makes a difference and I won't neglect blocking ever again. I wet blocked this by soaking it in the sink for a few minute and then pressing the excess water out between a towel. Then pinned out to the required measurements with T-pins that were not easy to find...

The plymouth bamboo needles are very nice, as are the Inox circulars which I'm using for my Print O'the wave stole (more pics of that WIP soon). I don't have the funds to try the Addi circs but Inox seem to be working fine for me.

Well, if I think of more to say about the wonderfulness that is Campanula I'll update the cyber world, I always love seeing how various yarns and patterns work for other knitters.

Off to knit!

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