Monday, September 17, 2007

I just needed some needles...

And this is what happened.

Penny approves.
So I've been having some problems with my #3 bamboo circular needles. They hate lace weight yarn and slow me down to the point of swearing. Doesn't make for a pleasant evening for me or those around me. So I decided that to make all these Xmas gifts I'd buy myself a present and try some fancy addi needles. Now apparently every yarn store in RI is closed on Monday and I just wanted to stop on the way home from work. I decided to try the fabric place, I was hoping they'd have Inox needles at least, my shawl is progressing very well on the Inox needles and I can't take this aggravation much longer. I arrive to find everything in the store is 20% off and they have Addis! I was elated. I puttsed around for awhile looking at the yarn selection, should have gotten some malbrigio for a scarf for my aunt but that didn't occur to me while in the store, just on the way home of course. Anyway I grabbed (for no real reason) some Berrocco Jasper in the most beautiful greens, and some pink and black Berrocco pure merino. The merino I have plans for, they will soon be Christmas gifts the Jasper I don't, I actually feel bad for getting all but the pink. Oh well. So I then go over to the needle selection and guess what size they don't have. Yep. #3s. Not fair, not fair at all. They didn't even have 3s in straight or susan bates! Is everyone in RI making stuff on that one size needle! So that was a huge bummer. The aggravation will continue until I decide what to do. I don't particularly feel like stopping again and the shops that are further close by 5. I'll never make it. So I think I may work on a non Christmas gift tonight just to make myself feel better. If anyone ever reads this blog and has a suggestion for my Jasper please let me know. Good smells are coming from the kitchen so I'm off, I like being the second one home :-)

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