Friday, February 12, 2016

My Marlboroughs

I started to venture into lingerie making towards the end of last year. I debated for a long time which pattern to start with and ended up choosing the marlborough bra from orange lingerie. I liked the style the most and it seemed most like something I would wear. So armed with a kit from Blackbird Fabrics I set off on my merry way. Behold the prettiest thing I had ever made.

Of course when I put it on it was way too small, a poor size choice on my part. I was heartbroken but decided to try again with another kit and new underwires. For this one I left the lovely scalloped edge on the band and I love it. It just feels so fancy. I have a little excess fabric but I think it's my poor sewing on this one. I need to stretch the underarm elastic a bit more and be more careful when assembling the cups. But it fits and I think it's super pretty even if it doesn't photograph as well.

That kit is also a Blackbird Fabrics kit, I love that shop, such amazing taste and the blog posts that talk about the kits are really helpful. I have some more supplies I've been sourcing (that is seriously the hardest part) and I think I have enough to make another peach Marlborough if I salvage the findings from the small one. Expect more in the near future... :)

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