Thursday, December 3, 2015

Professor Baa-ble Sweater

Remember when this used to be a knitting blog? It still is!

This has got to be the cutest thing I have made. I seriously want one in my size, I can totally pull that off... look at those elbow patches!

This is a mashup of two patterns, the Professor Sweater and the Baa-ble hat. My Brother-in-law requested a sweater for my nephew and once I got thinking about it I had to add sheep. Some ravelry searching lead me to these two patterns. I loved the cute shawl collar and fortuitously the Baa-ble chart fit with the numbers for the sweater.
To make this I made the smallest size and knit from the bottom up. The Baa-ble hat is worked over 120 stitches so I cast on that, plus 2 border stitches and 6 steek stitches. The sleeves I sort of winged, changing colors whenever I wanted. I found it best to make a cheat sheet of when to decrease rather than increase. I started by writing down the cast on number at the top of my page but changing it to cast-off, and then just writing decrease instead of increase for each row. This made is easy to work through the knitting without having to think at all. 
I chose Paton's classic wool DK superwash for this as it's a kid's sweater and I've seen him eat. Dude is messy! It's really soft and worked up well. 
The steek was machine stitched on Bernie and the collar worked as indicated in the pattern. By using the US 6 needles I think I got a size a little bigger than the smallest which is what I was going for. I want it to be big this year at 1 year of age, but still wearable next year. It will be sent off in the mail this weekend.
My ravelry project page is here.

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