Friday, September 18, 2015

Squeaky Snake

Something a little different today, a toy made for my nephew's first birthday. This is the squeaky snakes pattern by Abby Glassenberg. I made the coiled snake out of some giraffe print fleece I got at Joann and some scraps of felt. I wish I could say I loved making this but it was just a pain the whole way through. I apparently suck at adding seam allowances because I had problems with things lining up. When I went to tape the pattern pieces together the coiled part of the body wanted to overlap with the neck area. That's probably really hard to visualize but basically parts of the flat pattern pieces were overlapping. So I untaped and spread things out a bit and then I could cut.

I didn't use glue, instead the eyes were sewn and attached by hand. This thing is probably going straight into a mouth so I felt it a better choice to sew those parts by hand. Let me tell you, those things are never coming off! Trying to sew such small pieces on a flopping snake and turning the long coiled body right side out were the worst parts. The head and body sewing on the machine went fine.

Mr snake came out ok, I think he's a little wonky looking but my husband thinks it looks really good and keeps reminding me it's for a baby. He won't have the same standards as me. The snake is being packaged up and sent out this weekend to the birthday boy. I'm not sure if I want him to love it or hate it so I don't have to make more... I am just more of a garment sewer I guess. I complain but at least I tried toy making and got a cute present out of it. I even got to try out one of the fonts on my new machine by making a custom tag. I've moved back to clothes after this, I'm currently working on my first bra which is going pretty well so far. Fingers crossed I get that done this weekend with no catastrophes.

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