Sunday, February 8, 2009

Owling right along

Last week was a blur. I had a great time at the Woolworks superbowl sale. With my discount I scored all of this.

The Plymouth homestead, an undyed yarn that is really nice and reasonably priced is already becoming an Owl sweater. I'm obsessed with this sweater so I've been completely monogamous. The body is done and right now I'm doing both sleeves at once. I'm really hoping I can finish this this week. I'm ready for spring but I would still like to finish at least one sweater this winter. I also grabbed some yarn for a pair of Clessidra kneesocks that I've been dying to knit for some time and three skeins of Plymouth baby alpaca lace to make the sweater on the cover of the Filatura di Crossa booklet. Now if only I had more knitting time.

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kim said...

Okay, I am seriously envious. Is this place in CT?