Friday, February 20, 2009

Catch up

I've become a terrible blogger. I am still three lousy buttons short of finishing my Owl sweater and daylight is never around the same time my husband and I are. I do hope to get some pictures this weekend, buttons or no buttons but in the meantime I can show you some socks I started.

I do love the hearts but they require more concentration than I would like for socks. Originally I had planned on cabling both the front and back of the leg once I reached that point but honestly I stand a better chance of finishing them if the back remains plain.

I've made no secret of my love affair with the Granite state and despite the little snow left there it did not disappoint last weekend. There may have been 40mph winds and more ice than snow but we still snowshoed and had really good food. I suppose it is a good thing Owls remained at home because I would have totally ripped off my coat for a FO shoot here.

There was even a yarn stop at the Yarn and Fiber Co in Derry on the way home :) Rowan 4 ply soft for some fingerless gloves my sister requested and some Mountain Colors Winter Lace for I hope an original creation.

I hope to regain some blogging mojo but I'm working on something that if all goes to plan, will be available in the early fall :) Exciting for me but boring for the blog.

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