Sunday, December 21, 2008

Block Party

Christmas knitting is done and everything that needed a bath is drying out. Phew, done early for once! Now can I manage to give it all away... I would like to thank mother nature for holding off on the snow until I got home Friday and keeping me inside to knit all weekend. I now have some cool winter accessories.

Pattern: Plum Blossom Mittens by Kristin Hipsky
Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky
Needles: US 10.5

I fell in love with this pattern the minute I saw it in the WEBS catalog and I've finally gotten around to making it with some leftover Berkshire Bulky I had in the stash. I picked up the off-white color on my last trip to WEBS just for these. This is such a cool, easy pattern. I have made two pairs and the hat since Friday. They really go fast. After the mittens I had so much yarn leftover that I made hats, the one you see above and a slightly different one Ill show later. This really is one of my favorite yarns, it is soft and thick and makes a nice warm hat. The mittens are shedding a bit after cleaning up the massive amount of snow outside so I think they will be for times when I'm not doing too many activities outside. Actually, maybe if you felted them a bit they would be pretty nice... Anyway I highly recommend this pattern. I'm very happy with the way the hat came out too. My first successful pattern adaptation! This will serve me well until I replace my beloved trinity stitch hat I lost a couple of weeks ago :( It was my favorite but at least it is quick and I have another skein of the same yarn. I still miss it though. Well, the lights are flickering so I better post this in case the power goes out.


kim said...

Wasn't it great to be snowbound and have an actual "excuse" to knit?! Love the mitten and hat set. Have a Merry Christmas!

maicher said...
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