Friday, April 4, 2008

FO: Buttony

Pattern: Buttony by Katie Marcus
Needles: Clover US8 29" circs and DPNS
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted 4 skeins of Onyx

I finally finished Buttony last weekend and we had enough daylight to take some pictures after I got home from work yesterday. The best part of this sweater is the cute flower buttons I found at Joann Fabrics, I love them. My camera sucks at close-up shots but you can get a hint of the cuteness from this shot.

This was my third top down raglan in a row. I made some changes to the pattern (more like an outline) starting with the yarn. I didn't like the bulky yarns my LYS carried so I decided to go with the Lamb's pride worsted since I had never tried it and the black colour was so intense. I love the color but this is a much rougher wool than I have ever used so I think I may always need a long sleeved shirt underneath. I was hoping to be able to wear T-shirts with this so I could keep it in rotation as the weather gets warmer but that is my own fault. I wanted to get the yarn at my LYS and had to compromise to do so. If there is a next time I will use a more drapier, softer yarn and do the 3/4 sleeves I thought about. I would also put the first button hole in the top ribbing, I think it would look neater. I cast on the indicated number of stitches and increased until I got the fit I desired. I made the button band seed stitch instead of garter stitch, I really love seed stitch and have never really been a fan of garter stitch. I also added some waist shaping which worked out well this time I think. Too bad I hadn't seen this handy calculator in time.
I started this sweater the first time in February and finished at the end of March but for some reason it felt like an unending process. I think it was having to rip out most of it due to stupid mistakes and really wanting to wear it before it gets too warm. I'm glad my Love-Hate relationship with this sweater is ending on a positive note. I really love it's cute, classy look and will wear it a lot, I think it will look great paired with a skirt on more dressy occasions.
I've been plugging along on the Tilted Duster but will save that update for another post. Penny hasn't made an appearance in awhile so here is a cute puppy shot, my version of Friday eye candy :) She just loves to wrap herself up in a blanket.

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kim said...

Aw, Penny is so sweet! My dogs go under the blankets completely, making me fear that they might suffocate (or have brain damage) by morning...

Love the off-center cardigan!