Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Distractions

My husband and I discovered an amazing place recently, a tropical greenhouse that specializes in container gardening. Logee's is such a fun place to walk around, they have lemons that weigh 5 pounds! We've been there twice already and have picked up a few fun items.

From left to right we have a Rex Jasmine, a pepper plant (the kind that give black pepper corns), Passiflora Possum Purple which will have purple fruit, Euphorbia milii 'Splendens' "Dwarf Crown of Thorns", an Arabica coffee plant, and a tart orange plant that already has the beginnings of tiny oranges. We got sucked in what can I say? The thought of growing edible products in the house was just too appealing. They seem to be doing well so far so I have high hopes. It also gave us an excuse to make a nice table together and spruce up the living room. The legs and wood plank were prefab but we assembled, sanded, and stained it ourselves which I think counts enough. I've become pretty obsessed with these plants, I love checking for growth and I may tell them they are pretty from time to time... Here is a close up of my favorite, the dwarf crown of thorns, aren't the flowers pretty? I love how it is both beautiful and dangerous :) I do highly recommend this place, it is truly amazing inside and we are lucky to be close. Be warned, even though it is a big place that will take awhile to get through it is a little cramped and impossible to leave without something... or several somethings :)

I have started knitting again, for awhile after making a tote bag out of linen I really couldn't do much. Hopefully this will be a calm week and I can show some of my stuff off.

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Kristina said...

Hehe, beautiful and dangerous like you? Bwahaha. The plants are so cool. I told you, Andy is trying to make you guys fully self sufficient; knit your own clothes, brew your own beer and grow your own food. You'll never have to leave the house again, I think that may be the plan!