Monday, August 11, 2008

On your mark. Get set.... Rip!

I left my camera at my parents house this weekend so no photos this week :( Not that I really have anything to show as I have knit about an inch on Guinevere and can't get the freaking thing to work out! I have knit this one row for two days. I get decreasing in lace but for some reason I have one less stitch on my needles when I get to the decrease at the end. I'm pretty sure now that there is no way of finishing by the closing ceremonies but I really wanted to make this. I may give it one more try this evening after work but I don't know. I don't like feeling stupid like this. The Campanula I made last year had decreasing in lace and I didn't have to rely on the chart once I got the hang of it. Why is this one so hard? I should have known this project was cursed when I had to wait longer for the yarn and do some math for a wacky gauge. ah well. Such is life. I'll return when I get my trusty camera back.

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