Sunday, June 8, 2008

FO: Twinkletoes

Pattern: Twinkletoes by Chloe Sparkle Knitty winter 2006
Needles: Susan Bates
US5 dpn

Yarn: Filaturia Di Crossa Zara

Ok this one is cheating a bit because I knit the first one well over a year ago with yarn I picked up in the Knitting Nook's discount bin. When I ordered yarn for my Swallowtail shawl from Knitpicks I added the suede bottoms and was motivated last weekend to finish the second slipper. I don't really like sewing so it took another week to get the bottoms on. No matter how many times I tried they still came out crooked and I just don't care enough to fix them. The pattern is pretty nice but I'm not thrilled with how mine look or fit, the heel is just too high for me and if I hadn't knit the first one so long ago (and twice) I would have just done a short row heel. I love the yarn so once this heatwave is over I'll probably still wear them. I really want a sweater out of this Zara, it is so so nice and wears very well. I have some Fetching gloves that haven't pilled at all with tons of wear.
I felted something this weekend but it is still drying so I will have all the gory details later in the week.

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kim said...

Those are so cute! They look great in the picture.