Sunday, August 26, 2007

My first post!

Ok so I'm officially a blogger, kinda neat :) I'm still getting a hang of things so this blog will probably change a bit once I figure out how to change parts of the layout. Sometimes things aren't as easy as you expect them to be... This will be a quick post since I'm already tired of fiddling with my blog today (probably not good for the first day). The absolutely gorgeous corgi you will see all over this blog is Penny, she loves knitting. I can tell this because the second I take out my knitting she's in my lap watching the needles move around and occasionally getting bopped on the head. Now for some knitting content. My current project is Campanula from the spring issue of Knitter's magazine. I'm a big fan of blogs with pictures so here is one from when I started back in June.

It is all blocked and sewn together, I'm just struggling to force myself to knit the I-cords that are threaded through the eyelets on the sleeves and front. Not my favorite part. More details on yarn and needles when I post the finished sweater. Thanks for reading my inaugural post!

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